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      While the landing page looks like a cloud provider, I don’t see why the spam flags are warranted.

      Danube Cloud is an open source software for deploying, managing and automating cloud datacenters and their processes.

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        The appearance of the page has a great deal to do with it. It is not a website for technical people, but a useless, baseless-feeling marketing page.

        Contrast with e.g. ganeti, which is a no-bullshit site, or even openstack, which manages to be fancy-looking without giving a strong useless, baseless-feeling marketing page feel.

        I just gave danube’s site a second look and, really, it is disgusting. I can’t help but close the page almost immediately. The more I scroll, the more the annoyed I am. Just my very subjective view, but a view I suspect is not uncommon.

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          I don’t like it either and I am not interested in the topic. But there’s a github link on the bottom (visible without scrolling) and this probably should’ve been submitted instead but objectively it’s maybe not a great submission, but it’s simply not spam.

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          I did not link it because I like the page, which I dislike it too. I linked it because I stumbled across it and the project seems interesting to technical people, people interested in illumos, etc.

          It feels odd when this link, which is simply a “landing page” of an open source project, has no pricing page, that tries to sell you something, etc. is marked spam, but product announcement of commercial projects essentially asking to spend money or are pure commercial advertisements are on the front page for days.

          Maybe I should have linked the GitHub page, but sadly for this project the README isn’t the best either. Maybe I’m odd for not really caring about how the web page is looking, but only for how interesting a project is. Well, unless it’s about the looks of a web page. Maybe the documentation then?

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            It would have been better to link source code or documentation, yes.

            To be clear, I upvoted the story. It isn’t spam. It’s just that I can understand seeing the front page that’s linked and voting spam in disgust.

            Exercising the scrollwheel through literal empty space just to read marketing drivel simply isn’t pleasant.