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    Adding story text that summaries/previews the story is frowned upon. It’s added for some things, like titles that don’t clearly indicate their content, which tends to happen with academic papers and some trade publications in PDF format.

    In this case, the story text could have been something like “I reduced my technology use and ended up feeling better.” The current story text (a list of things with a sentence afterwards that explains the list) is not really helpful. I recommend avoiding such story text in future submissions.

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      Sorry, was my first story submit. Thanks for the editing and help!

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        No worries. And welcome to Lobste.rs!

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        I removed it.

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        I think we all could do with more introspection. Before buying something or doing that thing, ask yourself, what value does this really deliver to me in the long term? Am I doing this solely for short-term pleasure? Will not doing this lead to better health and happiness later on? What’s one important thing I could be doing right this moment to help ensure my future success?

        BTW, if you like those books, you’re going to love Mr Money Mustache: http://www.mrmoneymustache.com/

        Another reasonably good book is The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck https://markmanson.net/not-giving-a-fuck

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          I would love to use my smartphone less. I laze around on it in the morning and at night. I wish there was something that autodisabled my phone when I’m on my bed.

          That all said, the smartness of a smartphone is invaluable for me. I use to to look up directions, change plans on the fly, learn about artists when I see artwork, read in the subway. I need a humane smart phone, instead of one filled with apps that aim to colonize my mind.

          I sometimes save time by eating out. Quick meals at home are cheaper and less time consuming that going somewhere, ordering, waiting for the food, eating, and coming back. But anything more involved than oatmeal is hard for someone living alone. It takes lots of time to organize recipes, get the ingredients, and cook. You have to choose between eating lots of leftovers or even more time per meal. It can be sensible to eat out if you can, from a time point of view.

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            Regarding smartphone usage, I agree I can’t see myself switching away from a device that has substantial daily utility. For starters you can play with blocking websites. I felt like my productivity tanked when switching from Android to iOS, yet only recently realized you can have the same effect of editing the hosts file via settings-restrictions-websites-limitadultcontent, then adding some ‘never allow sites’

            Regarding cooking, I feel like that’s a mindset shift. I went from wanting food to be automated to having a process of cooking some routine dishes (tacos, smoothies, pizzas from scratch, rice/quinoa stirfry) in a way that I pretty much know what ingredients to keep around. Time wise things can be mixed too - stretching while the eggs are cooking, doing a bodyweight workout while the oven is heating up/sauce is getting reduced. I live alone and travel pretty regularly, just try to plan ahead and in the rare case give veggies/fruit I can’t use to a neighbor.

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              Thanks! I didn’t know you could do hosts blocking on iOS. I hadn’t thought about mixing cooking with exercise like that.

              I started making avacado toast as a quick foray into cooking. Then I learned a mouse has been eating my bread. So now I’m block on a mouse trap getting shipped over. What a life man.

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                Cool to hear! FWIW, I find myself keeping sliced bread in the freezer then toasting it since I eat a loaf fairly slowly (over the course of a few weeks).

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              My big reasons for not going back to a feature phone are maps and particularly in-car maps (I use Android Auto, and don’t need a separate sat nav as a result). But other than that it just makes me waste time on places like twitter and lobsters. :)

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                I’m the same. By way of a halfway approach, I use a oneplus 5t and Lineage for Microg. There are cheaper, compatible options out there but I plan to keep this phone for a good few years.

                Using Lineage for MicroG means I’m not signed into Google services, but still have access to maps and signal if I want them. The F-Droid app store is a lot lighter than Google Play. I haven’t tried Android Auto though. It might be worth a look, although it might not fully meet every use case.

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                  My hopes are for Light Phone 2 now. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/light-phone-2-design I pre-ordered one, and basic messaging + navigation would be perfect.