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Yup, it’s that time of the year - iPhone announcement. Considering the “special” iPhone rumours and leaks, this one may be interesting. An LTE Apple Watch is also alleged to come out too.

Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, I won’t be able to live-comment on it with you like I did before - I’ll try to catch the first half of the event though.

When the HLS stream comes active, if your browser lacks support, you can feed the URL into VLC or another capable client and watch it that way.


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    HLS link

    I’ll try to post here until I have to leave. If someone wants to take over, feel free!

    • Steve Jobs speeches playing in the Steve Jobs theatre. Video on “Today at Apple,” about their mentoring program in store.

    • Tim Cook on stage. He talks about remembering Steve. A dedication. Inspiration.

    • Tim offers sympathy to the victims of Harvey and Irma. Apple will match contributions made to charity for relief.

    • Tim talks about the new Apple Park campus.

    • Retail update from Angela. She recaps Apple’s retail strategy.

    • Tim back. Apple Watch news. It’s growing in market share, and is now the #1 watch in the world, including regular watches. 97% customer satisfaction rate. Video on their customer satisfaction stuff.

    • Jeff on stage to talk about the Watch. Recap of some new watchOS 4 stuff: Better fitness UX, including sync for treadmills and other gym equipment. It’s the most used heartrate monitor in the world, so improvements there. It now notifies of elevated heart rates when not working out. A heart study of arrhythmia in cooperation with Stanford and the FDA. watchOS 4 on Sept 19.

    • Watch Series 3: Now with LTE. It works standalone, and you keep the same number. Navigation works over cellular, as will apps like WeChat and Apple Music. (including AirPods support) Upgraded processor with up to 7x perf gains, allowing for local Siri voice. Improved wireless performance. To cram more stuff in, they do tricks like sharing antennas and integrating an eSIM into the chassis. Same size.

    Unfortunately, I have to leave now. If someone wants to take over, do so!

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      The things I couldn’t do live, but will just post here for completion:

      • iPhone 8: Starts at 699$. Bigger changes from the iPhone 7 than the “7S” we expected, but still a conservative design. Glass back to enable wireless charging, and the very nice A11 SoC, shared with…

      • iPhone X: Starts at 999$. The fancy one everyone’s talking about. Bezelless OLED screen and Face ID. If you miss the line from webOS… it’s there!

      • Apple TV 4K: Features an A10X SoC. I believe iTunes movies will have 4K upgrade options.

      • iOS 11

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      Emojis animated with your face?!