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      Will this conflict with trousers?

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        A more pressing question is whether or not it’s been ported to systemd? Or does systemd come with its own /usr/lib/systemd/systemd-pants?

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          That was recently depreciated in favor of systemd-socks, actually. systemd-socks is missing the feature that it covers the upper half of the legs that systemd-pants had (by design, devs claim it’s no longer necessary in 2019, completely ignoring that this makes it impossible to port to BSD because of their notion of clothesd(8); of course, GNOME depends on the new behavior already).

          The “officially sanctioned” workaround for this is to spin up multiple instances to cover the area by spinning up multiple instances and gluing them together with configuration files in /etc/systemd/ if required.

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            Of course, all this glue will over time need refreshing and maintenance as well.

            GNOME now depends on this, too

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      Pants are optional, but recommended for you.

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        We have a pond in the back. We have a pool and a pond… Pond’d be good for you.

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          I’ll avoid the pond, thanks. I’m suddenly a little wary of ducks.

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      I’ve always seen no pants as a productivity boost, so wouldn’t we want just the opposite behavior? :)

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      This is funnier in Britain, where ‘pants’ is another word for ‘underwear’