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Not everyone is paying attention to the date, and knowing that it’s a joke going in can save everyone some emotional anguish sometimes (given what has historically been in 1 April blog posts).


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      April Fool’s Day on the Internet used to be about subtlety. There’d be one (1) fake story on Slashdot’s home page on April 1st, 1999. You could still comment on stories and such.

      Now the web is basically unusable for a day for a large number of sites. Reddit for a while there was intentionally putting your comment on the wrong story, Fark was randomly changing the content of your posts, etc, etc.

      I long for the days when the biggest April Fool’s Day joke was that Windows 2000 was listed on the front page of Freshmeat…

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      Wait, this post is tagged as satire. Is it some kind of joke or for real?

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      The whole point is “emotional anguish.”