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    On the topic of these Bluetooth audio profiles: do any lobsters know what the situation/roadmap is for handling decent quality stereo output and a microphone input at the same time? I’ve never been able to make it work and all my research so far suggests that you have to choose between decent listening or potato listening + mic. I’ve never fully understood how we arrived in this situation and what it would take for us to fix it.

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      From that blogpost, it sounds like if you have either faststream or aptX codecs installed, you can get high quality bidi bluetooth audio. Try it out?

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        This does work. I can’t remember the exact codec, but I can switch my Bose QCs to non-potato quality in bidi mode using pipewire. I was able to do that for a few months now.

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      It’s great to see more companies contributing to improving free Bluetooth stacks. Bravo Valve and Collabora!