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    I really like how this describes the complexity of implementing infinite scroll. I hope this will give teams thinking of implementing pause and reduce the amount of apps that feel like they need it.

    I hate infinite scroll. Sure, it’s convenient, but at the cost of typical breakpoints and perpetuating screen-time suck. It’s not particularly hard or annoying to hit a next button and that gives your mind a quick break to evaluate if you really want to move on to the next set.

    Infinite scroll is merely there to keep your attention glued to your device looking for that next infinitesimally small dopamine hit while hiding how far in the depths of trash you’ve waded into.

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      I personally never found the pop psychology very convincing. Partly because it may not even be based on an accurate model of how dopamine works, but mostly because I’m not convinced that fixed-size pagination is the best way to provide what you’re looking for.

      If Twitter had explicit pages, do you think it would be less of a time-suck? I actually think the answer’s no. What they would have done instead is made the pages as small as they could get away with, like one tweets to a page, so that the reader would be forced to get into a rhythm clicking “Next” even if they only wanted to spend a few minutes checking what’s new. And since they’d also show no page numbers, you’d get no on-site indicators of your time spent.

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        It’s clearly not the only factor. I also don’t think saying infinite scroll isn’t part of the problem because they would use another tactic is correct. Either tactic would accomplish the same thing. It’s a whole lot of design and strategy around ensuring they’re sucking as much time from you as they can.

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      I don’t like infinite scrolling, but the reason I don’t like it isn’t even listed! My mouse does not have a scroll wheel, so I have to press on the scroll bar and move the mouse. When I’m reading a long page, I’ll keep the mouse button pressed as I read my way down the page. When I get near the bottom though, new content comes pouring in, the scroll bar control changes size but because I still have the mouse button pressed, it stays fixed in place and the content starts moving wildly as I lose my place. I then have to scroll up to find my place, but the new content pouring in makes that annoying.

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        I think you mean MiB here and not KiB?

        page load time from 100K into a gigabyte (a thousand 1KiB avatars,

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          You’re right. I did.