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A composed function expecting a combination function to make a reducer is called transducer. Transducers are useful to compose adjacent map(), filer() and reduce() operations together to improve performaces.

A jducer is similar to a transducer because it is a composed function and can be used to compose map(), filer() and reduce() operations together, but there are some differences.


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    Pretty cool. Nice example of using both generators and async/await in your async examples. I think generators are underappreciated in general.

    I did a similar experiment that used what MDN calls “Advanced Generators” to push values to the next generator in a chain instead of pulling through as iterators. Just a slightly different take that you might find interesting.

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      Advanced Generators

      Nice one! Good work. However I’ve tested my implementation against somehing like transducers.js because I knew that yield is still a slow operation. And unfortunately them are slow. Much better with Chrome (40% faster than Firefox) but too slow. For now ;)

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      What is neat about this, is it’s a great example of using generators to achieve this.

      I think the package could be even simpler - I might give it a try for fun. :) Nice work!

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