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    Fascinating, although I wish the author had mentioned which country they are in.

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      From the map image, they’re in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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        Wow, I’m impressed that you managed to figure that out! How did you do it?

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          Ah, that would explain why they needed a “nationwide ISP license”. I was reading this from a US perspective and had no idea what the author was talking about.

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        We lease underground cores from third parties, cores are expensive and we often have to haggle back and forth to try to reduce the cost of the cores that are used as a backup and which we will probably not use more than once a year, for a couple of hours.

        What is a core, in this context? What is an underground one?

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          I think when the author says cores, they mean fiber strands. Technically the core is the center glass strand inside the cladding.

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          I’d love to hear a similar story, supporting or cautioning, about starting a WiFi ISP.

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            This talk is by a wireless ISP operator and was pretty informative. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yugYq1yzK-Q