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The accompanying write up on the LinkedIn Engineering blog: https://engineering.linkedin.com/blog/2018/04/css-at-scale--linkedins-new-open-source-projects-take-on-stylesh


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    The OptiCSS part of CSS Blocks, a sub-library that compiles stylesheets for peformance, seems to do the same thing as the existing library Styletron. Styletron does the same splitting of rules into a rule for each set of styles that is shared across elements, followed by giving multiple classes to elements that assemble all subsets of rules they need. Styletron’s introductory blog post explains more about the concept.

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      Needs more docs which describe how to adapt it to other source code layouts. The handlebars example is a good start. Exciting claims, though! I want to hear more details about the algorithm before I try it.

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        There’s a bit more info on the blog post on LinkedIn. Probably should have linked to that instead. Going to update the entry with this link as well