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I just attended a talk from the author at my university, the talk was about swarm robotics, buzz and ARGoS.


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    Took a bit of digging to figure out what this is going about. The paper helped tremendously, but I’m not certain why this is a language and not a library for a language.

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      I haven’t taken a look at the paper yet. But what sort of language features are necessary for swarm based coding?

      Also, how would a person implement these things. What sort of hardware is necessary to test the code?

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        There is a project named ARGoS that allows you to do simulations, so I’m guessing that you write each part of the robots as modules that are glued together in ARGoS.

        But I’m just starting to read his paper so I might be wrong.

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        Hi everybody, I’m the author of Buzz (and the speaker at the talk u/superpat attended!). If you have any questions, suggestions, or criticism, I’d be happy to listen to you.