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    I wouldn’t bet in desktop installable apps. I see very litle use cases that are a good fit for a desktop app instead of a Web App or a Mobile App.

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      I downloaded this and took it for a spin. Here’s some likes/dislikes.


      The code is pretty compact and readable. Cool to see a simple website rendered as a native gui. The 2 pane method of browsing hn comments while also viewing the linked-to story is pretty cool. I can see why someone would find this a productive way of writing applications and it seems pretty easy to distribute. Nice that you can significantly reduce the file size if wanted.


      It takes many seconds to start. Java has a bad rep for startup time, but it seems like there’s a reason. Clojure on the JVM isn’t great there either. It is a pretty big download. As soon as it does start I get what seems to be hundreds of lines of java stack traces spewing to my terminal.

      I know users don’t care about the latter, but I think it shows there are reasons why the javafx/swing/etc didn’t take over the world.