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    This looks pretty great! I’m not in the embedded Rust space, and therefore I’m probably not going to buy a ticket, but more conferences should look at providing quality remote-friendly and remote-first services, and I’m glad you guys are making the commitment!

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      This is a trial run, but I know at least of one other Rust conference that currently considers at least a remote component.

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      Are the talked going to be streamed/recorded? If so, what does the ticket actually buy you?

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        Good question! Oxidize 1k is our experiment on what we can provide to attendees. This may change over the week, but currently, we are intending the following:

        • Find ways to facilitate conversation around the talk during the breaks (as a replacement for the “hallway track”).
        • I’m in contact with some people for extra goodies during the breaks that will be exclusive
        • Provide some way to be engaged during the talk

        We’ll provide more details over the next week!

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          For the hallway track, this might make thing less accessible but I’m pretty convinced VRChat-like products (mozilla has their “hubs” thing at https://hubs.mozilla.com/) could really make stuff interesting and feel like a real space.

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            Indeed. I have used hubs together with the live stream at RustFest, but it hasn’t quite worked. We might try it again!

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          Hey! Organizer here.

          We haven’t decided whether to publish the talks afterwards, or whether they would be available for free or on-demand.

          We’ll also be using Zoom’s Webinar features to allow communication for smaller groups of people between the talks, as well as options for chat. These conversations definitely won’t be available after the fact :).

          It’s in our Q&A section at the end: but buying a ticket helps us pay for the operating costs, our organizing time, as well as potentially buying hardware (microphone, camera) for speakers if necessary and possible.

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            To me, publishing the videos where they are free to view by all is part of the conference social contract.

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              We haven’t decided whether to publish the talks afterwards, or whether they would be available for free or on-demand.

              I would like to “attend” this conference but 17:00 CET is 2AM in my local timezone (AEST), which makes this unlikely. Publishing the talks afterwards would help folks like me in other parts of the world in awkward time zones.

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                I imagine that if you pay, you will could have access to the talks afterwards. I guess the discussion here is more about if those gets published online for free.

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            Cool, I was going to register immediately, but then it required a credit card number. I don’t want to enter my credit card on some random site :(. Would be nice if they offered PayPal or some other 3rd party option (e.g. Apple Pay).

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              This is good feedback. I generally don’t do Paypal, because they are a huge pain to conference organisers (e.g. blocking money until after the event), but on such small sums, that shouldn’t matter. I’ll see if I can fix that until Monday.

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                Hey, sorry to hear that! We use Ti.to for tickets, and use Stripe as our payment processor, which are both fairly standard in the events world, and neither give us access to your payment details. It’s not likely we will add more payment processors for this event, but I’ll see if we can add Paypal through Tito later, or look into this for later events.

                You can see our main ticket page, if ordering directly from a Tito page works better for you!

                Thanks for the feedback

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                  Thanks for your reply, very much appreciated! Found another solution, used my bank’s option to burn/switch CVC codes at will :).

                  Also, thanks for organizing this. It’s nice to have an online conference now that real-world meetings are shutting down.