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    How do i stop the cube from spinning


    the best part in my book

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      My favourite is the how do I exit vim issue :)

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        My favorite is the “vim³ isn’t for quitters” response to that issue

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        That had me giggling as well

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          Reminds me of one of my favorite FAQ items a grabbed from some README, long ago:

          Q: Why is it written in Mono/C#?

          A: Because I hate freedom.

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            I think my favourite comes from the zlib FAQ:

            Can you please sign these lengthy legal documents and fax them back to us so that we can use your software in our product?

            No. Go away. Shoo.

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        This gave me flashbacks to 2006/7 and the Compiz cube…

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          those were such good times! Also, Beryl and Emerald, oh, can’t forget compiz-fusion (iirc). So much lag with lots of bells and whistles enabled, but so many dropped jaws when showing it off. I even gave a speech on it for a speech class. Good times.

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            For reasons I tried Compiz as a possible replacement for Marco (the default MATE desktop compositor), and I’ve got to say: it’s pretty performant! The animations that used to be so laggy are just smooth on even modest modern hardware. I fell into the rabbit hole of checking what the project was up to and there’s been some bit of drama about how the versions have changed and broken previous plug-ins, there was even a fork and so on… felt just like the good old times, lol

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            We have a cube these days in Wayfire. And wobbly windows. And burning windows! :D

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            The “I use arch btw” FAQ entry is hilariously disturbing.

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              Upvoted for no reason. :)

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                Too bad I’m working from home, I would have loved casually using this when a colleague looks at your screen.

                I have arch installed btw Try this: sudo ln -s /usr/lib/libtinfo.so.6 /usr/lib/libtinfo.so.5

                I was once told symlinking library versions is bad practice, but I never experienced problems (except people on the arch linux forums getting annoyed at you).

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                  I’ve been waiting for this years – no, decades. Finally, a vim for 4D people.

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                    Quite interesting that this is written in nim, too.