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    Interesting read and something I’ve been battling with a little in the last month or so.

    I’m a software engineering student and just had my internship rescinded with everything going on. I tried to look on the bright side of it that I’d have time to really dig into a project that I wanted to complete but I can’t fight the belief that I should be using the time to learn something else.

    Nobody is expecting me to accomplish another task - ie. a bug that the author mentions - but there is another aspect where I feel I should be taking this opportunity to make myself more competitive when I enter the job market in a year rather than the project.

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      I’m very much reminded of this classic speech Your and Your Research, also containing lofty, vague, and somewhat dubious career advice mixed with grand anecdotes about Shannon and the midcentury Bell Labs.

      The subject is well worth some contemplation, but I’d be a little cautious about extrapolating too much from Great Men in their Glory Days to one’s own situation. Your mileage may vary, especially depending on who you work for and what they think they’re paying you to do.