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    I’ve been using ZenHub at work for about a month now. I’m really impressed. It adds some of the features that I really like (kanban board, sizing estimates) and the things that management likes (burndown charts, tactically applied). I filed a bug today about reflow on the boards and got a response from a dev right quick.

    I really makes me wish that Github had this functionality built in, but ZenHub does a great job and I look forward to continuing to use their product.

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      In the wake of the recent “letter to github” I’ve stumbled upon Zenhub which promises to turn Github’s issues into a better project management tool. I’m going to give it a try for a small-medium sized open source project (though I’m not really sure yet if it isn’t even needed).

      Has anyone any experience with it or some recommendations on how to get the most out of it?

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        We just started using a competitor to ZenHub, Waffle, which I happen to really like. I do see the appeal in ZenHub being on top of the GitHub interface, but in practice I don’t mind using a separate interface. My only complaint is that since it’s API based, it is sometimes not as snappy as I’d like.