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    I especially liked this one because it’s a practice the guest really believes is bad (“most disgusted by” :D ). It’s not a personal preference / “works for me” / “the accepted wisdom is wrong”, it’s more like “I too fall into the trap of not sharpening my saw”.

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      Thanks! I totally agree!

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      Hi all! Here’s this week’s episode for “Worst Practices in Software Development” (my new YouTube channel). Thanks for checking it out!

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        I love these videos! Thanks a lot :)!

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        The funny thing is that every programmer thinks his logic will work when they finish coding a program. It never does, but at that moment, everyone believes there’s no error in the logic they have written, and confidently hits the “Enter” key.

        Satoru Iwata

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          And then of course there’s the other feeling – that eerie, scary feeling of suspicion you get on the rare occasion that it actually works the first time and you think oh, shit, this won’t be fun to debug.

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            So true. I feel a strange reassurance when I flip the switch and the metaphorical smoke comes pouring out. Perhaps it’s because fixing obvious bugs forces me to review my code thoroughly enough to find the less obvious ones as well.

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              Accidentally correct is the worst kind of correct.