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    Having trouble squaring the whole “ do everyone a favor, and […] don’t work in ad tech” with “I rolled my eyes and reverse engineered the script for him” and everything that follows. If it’s true that you find it all so unsavoury then how about, I don’t know, maybe don’t enable it for your own personal gain in the first place?

    sometimes things are better left unsaid

    Yeah, like for example “the reality is I’m prepared to take their dirty money when it suits me but still think it’s cool to write a knowing blog post about how awful it all is when I’ve decided that suits me better instead”.

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      I spent two years working to drill oil and gas wells. There’s probably 40 wells out there with my name on the paperwork. Doesn’t mean I’d recommend anyone else go into that career, or that I particularly like the petroleum industry, or think anyone should use use fossil fuels. It means I had $3000 in the bank and living expenses of about $2000/month, and had spent six months after getting my grad degree with zero other interviews beside front-line tech support. At least drilling wells was something new, and paid about four times better.

      I don’t regret making the choices I did, but I sure as fuck wouldn’t go back.

      (…That said, after that I worked as a staff member in a top tier technical university for a couple years. In retrospect the culture there was probably almost as dysfunctional and generally horrible; at least the petroleum industry is generally honest about using people up and spitting them out.)

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        Don’t feel bad about it. Cheap energy is the bedrock of civilisation.

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          it’s also possibly gonna be the end of it

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            Unlikely though. And it’s worth considering that cheap energy has made extreme climate events much more survivable. From Alex Epstein:


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              lol, you know that Alex Epstein is well known to be associated with organizations spreading fake news and anti-science propaganda to defend industrial interests, right? RIGHT?

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                He wrote a book titled, if I recall correctly, The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels. So, yeah, I’m aware of his position.

                I don’t see that any of that invalidates the claim that cheap energy - historically at least, provided by burning fossil fuels - saves lives during extreme climate events.

                Edited to clarify, because it’s necessary in times of heated tribalism: I happen to agree that AGW is a real thing, and may pose some challenges to humanity in the future.

                I’m also an advocate of cleaner power generation because of the many health benefits it brings, think nuclear power is underutilized in Australia, have worked for a cleantech startup, and also a petroleum wetstock management company.

                People are complicated :)

                I’d sum my position up as: fossil fuels have been and continue to be a great boon to humanity, especially in developing nations. Let’s be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater when responding to AGW.

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            I don’t feel bad about it. I learned a lot. Like how annoying people are when they judge off the cuff without putting in any effort to understand.

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          I mean, it’s quite possible that one can do something in the past and regret it later…

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            Thats true, yet I fail to read any regret in the article. The author seems totally fine with everything that happened.

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            I would say he was working against the ad tech. Ad tech is in a big bubble that will eventually burst ( https://www.amazon.co.uk/Subprime-Attention-Crisis-Advertising-Originals/dp/0374538654 ) and it’s hard to argue that what he did was something useful to the ecosystem and instead one of the many scams that are popular in the ad tech.

            Ad tech is when you scam the people buying ads. If you scam the networks or other of the many intermediaries, you’re something else.

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              I agree, but money is a powerful motivator.

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                I got the impression that she was looking back on that time with regret.

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                The only way to have a clean ad business is third party traffic auditing and native ad hosting. This crazy system of real time ad delivery to unvetted sites is and always has been a disaster.

                Let’s put it this way, if I buy a billboard on the interstate, I don’t have to worry that it’s not really going to be seen by anyone. Why? Because if I drive down the highway and don’t see my ad, I can take Lamar or whoever to court.

                But internet ads are totally opaque because of poor technical decisions that for some reason got frozen back in the early 00s.

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                  Oh that explains all the blogs that just copy articles. I always thought they couldn’t possibly bring in enough ad traffic to justify their existence. I never considered they could be proxies.

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                    I was really uncomfortable while reading this. This lack of accountability some developers tend to have regarding the work they do… no one else here sees this as a problem too? (honestly curious, I might be over reacting) If I am to consider the author both a professional and a law abiding adult citizen, this just read as a straight-up criminal confession. :/

                    Is this seemingly ok because it’s just computers? Is this the whole “software engineering is not real engineering” topic?

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                      It’s a big mistake to equate actions that harm corporations with actions that harm humans.

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                      Very interesting!

                      like crypto, ad tech is responsible for substantial carbon dioxide emissions

                      I’m sure it is responsible for some, but there’s no way it can compare to how proof-of-work mining works.

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                        I would read your book!