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    “In what is surely either a case of Silicon Valley tit-for-tat or the result of a bad mobile phone connection to Cupertino, Apple responded by acquiring Strange Loop to bolster enterprise Om.”

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      This is not the title of the actual article.

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        Does that make the statement any less true?

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          I don’t know if the title you chose is true, it implies being able to understand the motivations of others. But it also doens’t matter if it is true or not, I think it is disrespectful of the author to change their title.

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          It does seem to be close to the title of one of the sections, “IBM & StrongLoop: Enterprise-grade Node”.

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            Specifically what grinds my gears about it is that it ascribes a motivation to someone whom we cannot actually know their motivation.

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              I work for IBM. I know the motivation.