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    Finding it hard to believe this is not a bigger story. To me this is completely unacceptable and I would never use Comcast as my ISP

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      I’m not sure why this was posted in 2013 (judging by the URL) because it happened in November 2012. Comcast doesn’t even have monthly usage limits anymore.

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        A user on the HN thread seems to suggest that he was seeing hits to that URL live in production, but then that’s one person

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        To me this is completely unacceptable and I would never use Comcast as my ISP

        For some, the alternative would then be no internet at all.

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          You could always tether right

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            Most cell wireless plans (at least in the USA) are fairly expensive, and/or have quite low data caps. If you were just checking emails occasionally and not doing any work or content streaming/viewing, then I suppose it could be a viable option.

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        This seems like well-intentioned incompetence. The kind of people who blow through ~250GB a month are probably not the kind of people who still use an ISP email address, which is where they normally send these notices. A snail mail notice can take days, and I couldn’t tell you what Comcast’s number is if they called.

        Text messages are a better solution, and it’s probably what they’ll use when they realize how goofy this is.

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          yeah I used to get email notices to my ISP mail all the time when I was living with my (now ex) girlfriend and she was downloading The Sims expansion packs all the time. They haven’t done anything and probably aren’t going to. Comcast has been bothering me about working for them for the last 3 months, also.