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    in order to stay on the safe side with the very first release of the source code, we have temporarily removed all comments and excluded certain file types

    This makes me sad. The fear of internet outrage lynch mobs I’m guessing, but those sorts of comments / documentation provides the most interesting history of a project and the real humans that have touched it over the years.

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      Additionally, no commit history.

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      I was lucky enough to work with team really close to source in past. I used it in bunch of windows phone apps (when it was a thing), and wrote my own port of Level DB for UWP beating the performance numbers of ESENT. I have to say the engine is extremely flexible, and battle-tested! I am happy to see its gonna be opensource, and hopefully it will soon work with *nix platforms soon.

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        Amazing. I haven’t heard about ESE in ages. I know it’s the original engine used by RavenDB.