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    Red author here, feel free to ask any question about it.

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      Hey, I’m interested in potentially using Red as an embedded glue language in a multimedia application. Am I correct in thinking that the next release (coming sometime in July?) is going to focus on the embedding use-case?

      edit: Unrelated follow-up: is there any roadmap for 64bit support?

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        You’re correct, next release will allow properly wrapping of the whole runtime and user apps in a shared library, for all our supported platforms (including cross-compilation), and expose a C-level API (so, callable from any other language with FFI support).

        For 64-bit, it’s not yet in the roadmap, as we need first to make some design decisions with regard to our memory model, we would like not to double the size of the current 128-bit cells size we rely on for boxed types. Once that done, we’ll need to add a 64-bit emitter for our code backends, and finally extend the linker for 64-bit support. So, as our short-term roadmap is very dense already, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to complete all that this year (though, iOS support requirements might push that work higher in our priority list).