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    I think it’s interesting and kind of heartening–and I recognize this is almost certainly a wilful misinterpretation on my part, so take that as you will–that once Terry had gotten the operating system and OS up, he made a bunch of frivolous and fun things. One of the apps demoed is just playing around with a water hose…what delightful and kind use to put effort towards.

    It’s oddly comforting to me that the whole thing was public domain from the start and that it serves as a reminder that people can do things, hard technical things, for reasons other than chasing fame or money.

    Be well and at peace Mr. Davis, wherever you ended up.

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      He had always intended his operating system to be something people can just mess around on and have experiments with. In his own words, “I made TempleOS to be the modern Commodore 64”. Almost all design decisions (directly executable source code, no user mode, 2D and 3D graphics routines easily available, detailed documentation, …) seem to reflect this. The circumstances surrounding his final years is upsetting, and makes you think how far TempleOS could get if Mr. Davis could keep his sanity. Rest in peace, Mr. Davis.

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        Would TempleOS have even gotten off the ground (or at least become what it did) if Terry were sane? (I’m genuinely asking, I’m not sure when he started the project in chronological relation to the start of his mental health deterioration, before or after.)

        RIP, Terry!

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        It is also an art piece from an engineering point of view. The code is compact and succinct. Everything is to-the-point. Everything is clear and immediate. No sluggishness, no resources wastefully used. Just what it is, the obvious way it should be. Nothing more than necessary for the intended effect.

        This is what great engineering looks like. TempleOS is not build with ‘real everyday usage’ in mind, but it sure is a strong example on how do something and doing it well. I wish more IT products would adopt part of this philosophy, or at least draw inspiration from it. Everything is bloated and wasteful these days.

        Be well and at peace Mr. Davis, wherever you ended up.

        Ditto. Let us be grateful for Terry’s contribution.