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      I hate surveys with mandatory questions. What is my opinion about packages? I have none, what’s a package? Too bad I must answer with false information. So I check every box so that no one answer is preferred.

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      If you click the links for the response data, none of the formats return any valid responses, only nulls…

      Is this a bug with that part of the system, or did the entire survey lose all my data?

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        On reddit, one of the people behind the survey commented:

        in everybody’s case so far who I’ve checked, their responses did make it into the database, but there is a glitch that seems to be occurring in some cases with the exporting of results.

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          Ahh cool, thanks. I don’t care if the export doesn’t work as long as the data is safe. (Not because my data is important, but if this were happening to more people than me.)

          Good to hear it’s fine! 👍

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