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Hello everyone,

I would just like to share this project with the community. I am mainly looking for some people to give me feedback or review and test the project. Feedback is very welcome!


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    as a reasonably thin wrapper around netty, I would find value in wrapping and exposing more client options (don’t make me also have to open the netty docs, too). more javadocs on every method would be nice in general.

    would also like to see a section in the readme outlining specific, quantitative benefits over raw netty.

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      Thank you very much for your feedback! I will definitely try to give a better user experience by adding more JavaDocs to the methods. I am not a 100% sure how or what exactly is the best way to avoid making people open the Netty docs. I absolutely understand your point, I am just unsure about how I could expose or present these information.

      The Tipp with a comparison with netty is an excellent idea. I see benefit in explaining and comparing time and code saved using the lib (packet-system, serialization, etc). Do you think it would be beneficial to show some results of penetration/performance tests?

      Thank you again very much for this nice feedback!

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        I updated the readme to include a banner for the project. I also started writing the wiki and am creating example usages for the wiki. There are also JavaDocs on every method and more explanations on the example classes. But the most interesting thing might be the comparison of quantitative benefits over raw Netty, which turns out to be very strong. Take a look at the new readme: https://github.com/DataSecs/Hydra/blob/master/README.md

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