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    I’ve used shepherd for a little bit, and it’s.. acceptable. The best stuff comes from the combination of mcron, shepherd, and guix where the concept of running a cron job can be associated with required services running, which in turn can make sure they’re installed and available on your system.

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      That’s the highest praise I’ve heard anyone give an init system in the past decade.

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        Would you mind to give your short list of pros and cons??

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        “I have an init system. It does a lot of what systemd does.”

        “What advantages does it have over other init systems?”

        “It’s not called systemd!”


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          Haha - I think that might be some of the hype, but I do think that there’s merit in the fact that they used a language that’s proven (Scheme/Guile) and easy to parse unlike the custom configuration formats that systemd chose. There’s a lot of power there. I welcome the coming init wars, competition is good.