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A paper about Cleanroom method that includes details on its effectiveness in many industrial deployments. See the table and follow-up descriptions.

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      IMHO this paper is rich in words, but poor in actual information about the process. Feels more like a squeeze page for mgt. types, rather than a technical paper.

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        Most of them were like that since they were presented to such people. Some inventors and early users ended up at Software Engineering Institute doing things like Capability Maturity Model and Personal Software Process. I shared this for the data on what the method achieved mainly targeted at those who read my Cleanroom submissions or were interested in such results.

        For learning about it, I put the Stavely site in the text field for a basic summary. The best place to learn it is Stavely’s book, though. It’s well-written. One person here tried to put together a description and examples in Python. Almost all the intro links that aren’t process/management oriented are dead these days. Part of the decaying, Old Web.