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    A few gems here. I was surprised at the #2 entry but I guess that’s dependent on the audience to whom the survey was aimed at.

    I’m pretty sure the command to tweet via curl isn’t supported anymore as Twitter now is Oauth only. For command-line tweeting and automation, consider oysttyer.

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      I’ve found the Python HTTP server useful for getting files into a VM. (And yet I still never can remember what IPs QEMU uses…)

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      Note: by votes, not necessarily by usefulness :-)

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        No 1 brought back a flood of memories of times it would’ve been useful. It probably deserves its spot given highly useful but never heard of it.

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        The title is misleading, most of the entries are actually specific to Linux/Bash.

        And probably not too portable, out of the top 5, only 2 do potentially work for me.