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    This is the second recent story that shows no one remembers image maps anymore. 😞

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      Right?! And they still totally work.

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      I find the concept really cool. And it looks great. But ouch… Even with the effort put in it, this is much closer to an art project than a web project.

      The accessibility is not good, at best. People who use a Braille display or a screen reader will just have access to “Comment on this post, Read the transcript of this post, Back to the main page.” They are considered second class citizens who have to click an extra link (“Read the transcript of this post”) to access the content itself.

      And this is just for the extreme cases of accessibility. For the average janes and joes like me, we can’t select, can’t copy text, can’t search in the page. And we’re forced to use light-mode. (Which is good because I prefer light-mode over dark-mode. But I’m sensible to people who prefer the latter, and I like website who use prefers-color-scheme)

      I think the solution would be to super impose transparent HTML content, and make the handwritten text a background image. Basically, a PDF sandwich but in HTML. But this would involve even more effort from your part and I wonder if this is even realistic.

      Anyway, very original project :) .

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        Idunno, that feels like saying a painting is more a seeing project than an art project because blind homies gotta use an audio description. It is simply true that a person who has got to take your word for it that text is handwritten vs typed is not able to access the content in the same way.

        The project doesn’t suffer for the limits imposed by rendering hand written text, it is about those limits.

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          The page is more awkward for the visually limited, because they have to follow another link to get to the transcript. I assume that link has a title or alt attribute describing its purpose, but I’m on my iPad so I can’t easily tell. I do know that Safari’s “reader view” and “translate” buttons are disabled.

          It would be a lot better if the transcript were on the same page. I don’t know anything about web accessibility, but there must be a way to expose it as the primary content for screen readers while still hiding it by default.

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          For the average janes and joes like me, we can’t select, can’t copy text, can’t search in the page

          You’re right of course in general;but the same OCR-everywhere feature in macOS and iOS does allow that to work. It’s kind of magical. Here’s a paragraph I copied from the post exactly as though it were plain text:

          Did you know that macos’s Preview automatically OCRs handwriting? I discovered it by accident, and it greatly speeds up the process. I just need to correct the errors (stemming from, my poor penmanship).

          I’m not saying this eliminates the accessibility issues you brought up! This feature is just a platform-specific workaround. But it’s very cool to be able to copy text off of images and off of anything you can capture with your camera.

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          1.10MB for something I’m barely able to read doesn’t look like a great idea. The beautiful transcript (whose link I couldn’t find by using ctrl-f of course) takes only 43KB. I think that’s the worse compression ratio I’ve ever seen.

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            The handwriting is not bad, but when I checked the transcript page out of curiosity, I immediately thought, “This is a lot nicer to read.”

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              Really? I thought the handwriting was awful, myself. I am not proud of mine, but ISTM that if you wanted to publish and handwritten blog, that would be because one was proud of one’s handwriting.

              It made me think that maybe this story was more real than I thought:


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                I suspect part of why this handwriting is so awful is that it’s done with a stylus, on a screen (i.e. on a reMarkable 2). Years back I took up very amateur-level calligraphy as a hobby so if I take my time, my cursive handwriting is very pretty (could be prettier but I have no talent, just a lot of practice :-D). Anything I “write” with a stylus on a screen looks like it was written by a nine-year old (presumably, unless I put several hundred hours of practice into that, too). The dynamics of rubber on glass is very different from that of ink flowing out of a nib traced on paper.

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                  Yes, good point. :-)

                  (I did consider that, but I should have mentioned it.)

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              The title led me to believe the handwriting would be parsed somehow but the hyperlinks are just hand crafted img tags.