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      Thankfully it fixes ꙮ to include the proper number of eyes (10): https://www.unicode.org/wg2/docs/n5170-multiocular-o.pdf

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      Disappointed that there still aren’t Unicode emoji for common controller inputs, ie. left trigger, press right joystick, etc. They see use in probably way more written works than hieroglyphs by volume, ie. approximately every tutorial text on every game released on a console.

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        I think the idea is not tenable, there will always be an example like this that unicode will be missing.. meanwhile some people are sending text messages that are many megabytes because their script was a late addition.

        Then again, a database of glyphs is smaller scale than wikipedia, idk maybe it’s the central coordination that throws me off.

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      Should we link to the actual announcement instead? http://blog.unicode.org/2022/09/announcing-unicode-standard-version-150.html

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      There were no major algorithmic changes, making the update of my Unicode library to Unicode 15.0.0 as simple as changing a single variable.