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    I used to work in a company that was doing DNA sequencing and at that time read more on the topic. These resources helped me a lot:

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      Bert Hubert’s articles are top-notch! This older post in nice too : https://bert-hubert.blogspot.com/2013/12/hello-and-welcome-to-wonderful-world-of.html

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      An error that needs to be fixed: what it calls haplotype is an allele. A haplotype is something else.

      I feel ambivalent about this kind of introduction to biology for computer scientists because it removes all the biology. It’s perhaps enough to let a programmer orient themselves to the data and operations on it that go sequence data, but I have found it gives a false confidence that these abstractions are useful ways to think when addressing biological problems.

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        I love the idea! As a bioinformatician, the biology portion always feels more obscure to find simple references for the biological concepts to point people towards, compared to documentation for software.