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        Thank you very much!

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      I just found out about sniffnet a few days ago and I love it. Also, that’s a great way to learn about a multi platform GUI application ,written in rust!

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        Thanks! <3

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      It was hinted at in the blog post, but are you gonna have to drop out of college for this? I’m not discouraging, just wondering.

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        Luckily not. I’m at my last semester of Master’s degree and I’m also doing a Thesis on Sniffnet!

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          woah, that’s amazing! congrats

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      congrats! happy developing o7

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      congrats! it must be awesome work on something you really enjoy doing

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        Indeed it is!

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      This is sick!! Congrats! I would love to see a postmortem of your experience of the mentorship they’re providing.

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        Curiously, I’m also doing a Master’s Degree Thesis on Sniffnet and I’ll include the Accelerator as well!

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      congrats! it’s a pretty neat application

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      Congrats! This is my someday-dream. :)