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Realtime embedded OS designed for low-latency music applications


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    Interesting idea, but light on technical details. As far as I can tell it’s a VST host on top of an RTOS. How can I try it out?

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      Yeah good point - I read it quite quickly on mobile before posting it earlier, but looking in more detail on a computer it seems like it’s closed-source/commercial only. There’s a ‘tech FAQ’ on the homepage, and also a bunch of tech articles on the site, but it’s not super detailed. Interesting though for sure.

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        Ok, I poked around looking for source and licenses. I found the following:

        A fork of something

        […] we provide several tools to aid this process, including a fork of the popular JUCE framework […]

        https://github.com/stez-mind/JUCE/tree/mind/headless_plugin_client (I don’t see a lot of commits in the fork but maybe I don’t know how github’s UI works.)

        One of their employees is on Github


        I couldn’t find anything else in the time allotted.

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      This looks really interesting. I wish this were open source.

      I’ve wanted to make some digital guitar pedals for a while, and I feel like this could be a good way to do something like that.

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        They will need to release some sources if they base on Linux ( which they do) since it’s gplv2.