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    Ive been using Hyde with two sites:


    It uses the left by default, but can switch to the right - also 8 builtin color options - or you can make up your own of course

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      When the dimensions and settings of the medium for your visual design are indeterminate, even something simple like putting things next to other things is a quandary. Will there be enough horizontal space? And, even if there is, will the layout make the most of the vertical space?

      This raises the question, should web pages in 2019 still be putting things next to each other?

      Every site I can think of that becomes unsuable on my smartphone or in my half-width tiled browser windows is one that attempts a 2- or 3-column layout. When I reorganized my own personal site from multiple columns to just one, I was able to delete half of my CSS.

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        Isn’t this what media queries are for? Not trolling, genuinely curious.

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          Check out the other articles on the linked site for the case against media queries. TL;DR kinda yes, but media queries make it hard to build reusable components, because they’re inherently global and thus hardly compose (while you can nest the linked pattern, and it would work seamlessly)

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            I believe so, but it seems many sites don’t implement them flawlessly.

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          This website has already been posted three months ago, though not that part in particular. Is this a new part of the site?

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            The Sidebar page existed three months ago; it is not new. Evidence: this third-party Sidebar implementation written the day of that post.