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    I still don’t get the purpose of running k8s on F-16. If it was for a show-off, then it’s a pricey one, as it took 45 days to have it running, and probably took a couple of developers. The whole article makes me a bit uneasy, as the whole premise is: we’re now using k8s and istio, without revealing why it was needed in the first place, and what problem they wanted to solve. In addition, seems there are 100k people employed there. Thus, I’d assume they all have different requirements from the service – meaning running those k8s cluster(s) will require quite a lot of man power.

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      They said it was to avoid vendor lock-in, since now their code can run in any cloud.

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        … as well as in the clouds.

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          And as it is known, planes are things that can occasionally run into clouds. It’s only logical.

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          Which doesn’t make sense to me. At least, I don’t expect an F-16 to be network connected while in flight, let alone offloading computation to the cloud. Unless an F-16 runs something akin to a PaaS service, but even that sounds… unnecessarily complicated?

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            Exactly! Offloading any type of computation to the cloud means it’s subject of all dangers of asynchronous communication, which in other words may mean we never get a response. Which in other words mean that a big chunk of metal, loaded with weapons may miss an important computation mid flight. Dunno, every aspect of it seems unnecessarily complicated – I wouldn’t trust any of these machines when in the sky, as there are so many dimensions it can go wrong.

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        I don’t want to be the one debugging a service that refuses to boot up in the middle of a dog-fight :|

        Now every F-16 will need a PRE on-board (plane reliability engineer).

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          R2 units for all!

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            You know what? It all finally makes sense!

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          It almost seems as something you’d advertise because you want your opponent to use it so it becomes easier to take down…

          Unfortunately, complexity has become a bit of a bragging point. People boast to one another about what’s in their ‘stack’, and share tips about how to manage it. “Stack” is the backend equivalent to the word “polyfill”. Both of them are signs that you are radically overcomplicating your design.

          Source: https://idlewords.com/talks/website_obesity.htm

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            Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.