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    “ According to oceanographers, only an estimated one in two million lobsters is blue. The coloration comes from a genetic defect that causes the lobster to produce an excessive amount of a particular protein that gives the lobster that unique coloration.

    But is there something rarer than a blue lobster?

    There is! While most of us assume lobsters are red, they’re only red after they’re cooked, unless they happen to be one of the one in 10 million lobsters that the Gulf of Maine Research Institute says occur naturally in nature with that same brilliant red coloring. One in 10 million. That kind of makes the blue lobster not quite as rare, and therefore not quite as special as a live red lobster.

    But is there anything rarer than a live red lobster?

    There is! Even rarer than blue or red lobsters are yellow lobsters. The odds of finding a yellow lobster are estimated to be one in 30 million, six times more rare than a blue lobster. What is as rare or rarer than the yellow lobster? Calico lobsters–lobsters with mottled orange and black shells. The odds of such a find? One in 30 million. With only one in 30 million lobsters being yellow, or calico colored, all of a sudden that one in two million blue lobster seems kind of, well, ordinary as far as remarkable coloration in lobsters goes. "

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      First thought was: “This is cool but not relevant. I mean, this is…

      … oh, I get it.

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        Can you please explain for those of us who still don’t get it?

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          The name of our community…

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        I want one. Can I have one @jcs?

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          Aye, same. A silly idea I just had is so that the logo has a small chance of being blue on each page load.

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              Site traffic is what determines the brightness of the Lobsters logo, not time! I thought it just dimmed at night.


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                  It’s for moments like this that I wish we had a “save” function. ;)

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                      Dibs on blue lobster hat :D

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                We should change half of the Lobsters icon to be blue. Then we have red, white, and blue to represent the glorious United States of America.

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                  But the lobster capital is in Shediac! That’s in Canada!