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    I only understood SAT solvers last year after weeks of solid focus. If you want to know how they work, I wrote two blog posts that might help:

    SAT solvers part 1 - how to build the perfect spaceship in Endless Sky and SAT solvers part 2 - this is hard.

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      I wish I could save comments. You’re being added to my orgmode though!

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        If you want more along these lines, Lindsey Kuper’s work is great. I suggest the reading list from her recent course on this subject.

        My “biggest / slowest hammer” quote got paraphrased in the course overview !

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          You could use a web annotation service like Hypothesis to save comments anywhere

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            I’d want to run it myself and I’d have to set up my pi server for remote access. I’m comfortable enough using gitlab and automated sync in emacs for my notes at the moment. Thanks for the suggestion though :)

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        Considering the generalize variant of Collatz Conjecture was proved undecidable, I bet my money this guy won’t get anywhere.

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          From the end of the article:

          He and his collaborators are working on a paper summarizing what they’ve discovered so far, but they’re nearly out of ideas and will likely have to give up on Collatz soon — for now, at least.