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    I enjoyed watching that, although i’m not sure how the content addresses the title.

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      Apologies. The thesis must not have been expressed well enough. Let me retry.

      The word analysis has a lot of meanings, and there are a lot of people who claim to show you great ways of doing analysis. The broadest meaning, and the one we will use, is “anything you’re doing when you’re not coding that will eventually impact your code”

      The thesis of this video is that no matter what definition or methods we use in analysis, we constantly over-specify solutions before we even begin building them. Most of the time we’re not even aware that we’re doing this. Examples are provided and some reasons put forward that this might be the case.

      (For supporters, there’s a follow-up video that gives a more concrete example of analysis being used to solve a specific problem, and how the author both recognized and failed to recognize these patterns as he worked through them. The only reason this is a supporter-only video is that the story is incomplete and off-the-cuff. At some point I want to expand it out into a much better presentation that will be free to all.)