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    The first sentence reads:

    OpenBSD, as of ‘6.3,’ has some pretty mature solutions for serving up the web, all right there as base packages.

    Not sure why 6.3 is mentioned there specifically - 6.4 is the latest release and both relayd and httpd, mentioned later, have been available for several years now.

    And there’s not such thing as a base package on OpenBSD.

    The last sentence doesn’t make much sense either:

    And although OpenBSD is quite old, it’ll be interesting to see what sized bites it will take out of the web server software space in the years to come; especially now that httpd is a first class citizen.

    Not sure what is meant by quite old - it’s not like OpenBSD has been written 20 years ago and the code hasn’t been touched since…

    Also, httpd didn’t become first class citizen recently - it’s been one since it got imported into base.