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    Nice little talk.

    It reminds me that print being turned into a statement might have been the right thing conceptually, but results in a worse experience for the dev. In a dynamic language, you need a way to easily dump values when debugging, and print usually fulfills this role. Requiring parenthesis doesn’t help this common use case in any way.

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      I never feel limited by the print function.

      In the prompt or pdb I don’t use language-print but the tools' functionality, and in scripts I never got bothered by parens.

      Actually, with a print function I can use print now inside expressions, which is a great plus.

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      This talk is such a joke!

      I bet I could do a better job of re-adding the print statement to Python. I’d probably implement some equivalent of a reader macro or patch the part in the parser where it “falls off the end.”