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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      Wrapping up my vacation, which consisted of much family time at local beaches and various outstanding barn chores

      I haven’t touched code in a week. Feels great.

      Vacations are highly underrated and I completely recommend them 😂

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      I installed gemserve, a Gemini server, on my aws box. I’ve not run a website in a long while now because I get too drawn into the dislike I have of the modern web. This new protocol makes it a bit easier since you don’t get to choose anything about styling or bells and whistles.

      Saturday and Sunday I need to do some studying and revision related to work. Covid is over with a bang here, and a lot has been drawn forward that a lot of us hoped we’d be able to do over the next few months.

      Gemini FAQ: https://gemini.circumlunar.space/docs/faq.html

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      Experimenting with getting a small fleet of RPis to see if I can get them to PXE boot, finishing up a 3D printer filament enclosure, and working on various PCB breakouts.

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        How are you powering all of your RPis? The cost and bulk of powered USB hubs put me off buying one.

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          For the time being, simply using a power strip and dedicated 5v wall adapters.

          If/when I get to the point where it’s too much bulk/cost, I’ll look to making something a bit more custom. Will probably look at making/buying a distrubition block similar to this setup: https://old.reddit.com/r/homelab/comments/962bxh/new_addition_to_the_homelab/ with inline fuses. Finding a Micro USB right angle barrel adapter might be the main tricky part, but not impossible.

          If I decide I want to get really fancy, I’ll likely look to spin my own thing with relays and power monitoring.

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            That sounds very cool. What software are you using as a PXE boot server? I have used FOG in the past https://fogproject.org/ and it worked decently well for production use

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              Ooh, interesting. I feel like I’ve tried searching for something small and simple like FOG, but was ultimately unsuccessful.

              I’ve had my eye on Digital Rebar for a hot second and wanted to give it a try. Don’t have any feedback on it yet since this weekend turned otu to be wonderfully unproductive, but that’s alright.

              For reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBbc_ahH7Mk

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          Not a cheap option, but it reduces cables by a ton.


          That + an 8 port poe switch is good. Thats my solution.

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      Painting even more! And going to a double 30 year birthday

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      Learning 9P under 9front and trying to implement a simple file server to read lobster.rs. 9P intro: http://man.cat-v.org/plan_9/5/intro

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        That’s amazing!

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      I’m removing macros that emulate BCPL from an old C application.

      Laundry and chores

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        That wouldn’t happend to an Amiga application, would it?

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          It’s a fork of David Turner’s Kent Recursive Calculator.
          He wrote KRC in BCPL for the EMAS operating system in the late 70s and ported it to Linux a few years ago.

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      • Learning Scala, because it someone recommended it and it seemed really interesting. From my little usage of it so far, it feels like Java meets Rust.
      • Sleep. A lot. I am running purely on caffeine right now.
      • Probably play some more Skyrim and Diablo III.
      • Work more on my nixinfo crate, I managed to get quite a bit of work done on it. Now most functions will output to a Result<String> instead of a String, and I managed to slim it down some.
      • Probably test out a bunch of more programming languages. I love Rust and all, but using the one same language all the time can get… ugh. Too bad it’s hard to find languages I haven’t already tried:
        • I don’t like C, C++, Dart, Go, JS, Python, Ruby, nor Swift.
        • Fortran, OCaml, Lisp, Nim, Pascal, and Perl are ok, but not something I’d prefer.
        • Zig is interesting but confusing.
        • I like PHP, but I have no use case for it.
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        I find your list of programming languages very interesting! How much Scheme have you tried? If you’ve only tried Common Lisp, I’d give Scheme a chance on its own. They’re philosophically quite different.

        Also, what about PHP is up your alley? Most of your other language preferences make sense to me in context, but PHP is confusing to me, especially given that you like Rust. I feel like PHP and Rust are philosophical opposites of one another in nearly every way, but I might be missing some aspect that’s important to you.

        I love how programming languages are just as much tools for the mind as they are tools for the computer, so two different people might have radically different preferences.

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          How much Scheme have you tried?

          Not very much. Though I do know of it. I’ll have to look into it.

          Other lisp I’ve used are indeed Common Lisp and Emacs Lisp.

          I was going to try Clojure as well, but at the time the Java requirement was throwing me off (I’m a little picky about what gets put on my system). That’s not quite an issue right now, obviously, since I’m using Scala. But at the time it was enough for me to avoid it.

          Also, what PHP is up your alley?

          Ok, this might sound a little weird, but hear me out. I really like shell scripting, like a lot. I’m always creating shell scripts all the time. PHP, to me, feels like the shell scripting of the web. There’s something about PHP that came just as naturally to me as bash scripting.

          I love how programming languages are just as much tools for the mind as they are tools for the computer, so two different people might have radically different preferences.

          Oh 100% I agree. I have one friend who swears left and right Python is the way the way to go, they can implement like anything in it. But at the same time I have another friend who hates Python with a passion and wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole unless he was being threatened under death or something.

          I am really sorry about the late response by the way. Like an hour or so after posting my reply, I crashed right at my desk and I just woke up a few minutes ago.

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        Get into Haskell! It’s very rewarding. Rust and Haskell are good friends.

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          I really should. I used Haskell for a time when I was on XMonad a long time ago, but when I left it I also left Haskell.

          I like Haskell, though I do remember it having a bit of steeper learning curve when I tried it.

          Though I do think there was something about Haskell that really threw me off. Just not sure what it was because it was so long ago.

          Anyways yeah, I’ll have to get back into Haskell at some point.

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      Adding tracing to a Rust project. My partner and I have spent a long time rewriting our bar command (for i3/compatible WMs) in Rust with tokio and I want to be able to debug what’s taking time.

      I also might try to get the build.rs to work better with NixOS (maybe add an option to grab libdbus from nix-build '<nixpkgs>' instead of pkg-config) but I don’t know how to do build.rs things, especially since it seems like I’d have to override some arguments to a dependency (dbus-sys)

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      I’m probably going to keep trying to get RetroArch 3DS to build using the latest version of the open-source 3DS SDK. Right now it’s using a much older version, which means that some of the newer libraries (specifically, the newest version of picaGL) can’t be used with it. Plus, the newer APIs are a lot nicer, and “having to find a specific outdated version of the SDK” can be a blocker for people getting started with RetroArch 3DS development.

      Usually it wouldn’t be that hard to upgrade, but RetroArch predates a lot of the homebrew niceties, and re-implements itself a lot of things that the SDK now provides. That means it can conflict with the newer implementations. For example, the current problem I’m running into is a crash on launch – as best I can tell, the SDK couldn’t allocate enough memory for some graphics data structures, and I’m guessing it’s because RetroArch implements most of the memory management functions itself. It’ll take some work to untangle it all.

      I’ve been messing with RetroArch 3DS for a little less than a year and it’s been tons of fun. I’ve learned so much – everything from ARM assembly to PSX GPU internals to remote on-device debugging with GDB to instruction-level optimization (I never would have thought manual-pipelining would be an entertaining thing to do, but here we are).

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      • Drawing with my new-ish Pentel brush and learning to master it more.
      • Struggling with the need to buy an iPad Pro somewhere in the future. I was able to draw on one with the Apple Pencil + Procreate. It was so easy and open so much possibilities. It is totally over-priced just to be a numeric drawing tool. For the last 2 years, I realized that the iPad Pro or Surface Book Pro where what I really hoped my laptop will one day be in terms of form factor, capabilities and hardware. Closing the bridge between a computer and a notebook. Unfortunately for me, I am used for the last 10 years to be on Linux and neither iOS or Windows will be able to compete with that. Feeling stuck between two half-good choices here. Looking for a good solution or acceptable compromise.
      • Enjoying our new (and first) car to go make groceries to specialized shops where it was not possible to go without a car or a cargo-bike.
      • Learning about the metaprogramming in Elixir and cross-reading Beautiful Racket to see if what can be transposed between the two macro-system.
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      Rebuilding my blog in Hakyll. I used Hakyll a few years ago for my consulting site so it’s familiar. Also a nice excuse to exercise Haskell, though I don’t expect to write much custom code.

      It’s been Wordpress since the start, but that’s not working for a few reasons. I’d like to have local editing, and I’d like to move from a temporal orientation to longer posts. The last two or so years of Wordpress updates haven’t played well with the tweaks I’ve made over the years, and the new editing paradigm doesn’t click with me.

      I tried zola last weekend because I liked the idea of building on a single well-contained dependency. I couldn’t work out how templating wires up and got tired of fighting it.

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      Thinking about learning Rust. It’s always looked too complicated, but maybe there’s something to all the praise. Otherwise, spending more time in the garage finishing up my first woodworking bench. It’s horrendous, but lots of learning was had!

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      I just moved into my new apartment at Rensselaer (RPI). I somehow managed to get a senior/grad apartment even though I’m only a freshman. I share 4 beds, 4 baths, a kitchen, laundry and living space with couch and TV with just one suitemate (half capacity). I really lucked out to get such a nice place.

      EDIT: ….after getting my COVID test of course! I’m going to be quarantined here for two weeks, not bad at all.

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      I’m visiting my home country, turned on my computer for first time in weeks… writing some articles for my upcoming blog and setting up a desktop in my mom’s house as a backup server.

      This weekend is mostly revolving around preparations to visit the countryside with my gf who’s never been here. We’re both pretty excited :)

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      This weekend I’m

      • scanning more documents for the recycle pile
      • moving my document-collecting spouse and officemate’s file cabinets upstairs to make room for the new couch coming Monday
      • writing more accounting entries into beancount
      • working (yes. not a normal case, but it looks like some customers with discount codes might be getting taxed more than they should. . . . and I was off early one afternoon this week anyway to get some more time in the club’s new old 182. so, time to spare.)
      • flying IFR Sunday AM from KCCR to KSCK and back, alternate of KOAK. I’d rather it were for another reason, but the fires here in norcal are making for good instrument flying conditions. Best practice while the weather supports it.
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      Writing up the explanation of how Bazel works that I would have wanted before spending a couple months struggling to get this to work. It’s all pretty cool tech but it was really tough to get things working the way I expected

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      Trying to read as much as I can about Tree Automata, and ways to create things that look like Regex over Trees instead of Strings. I have a really cool project idea, but it requires quite a bit more understanding than I currently have. I’m very self taught when it comes to compsci, so it takes quite a while to chew through alot of the literature which almost exclusively expresses itself in notation that I haven’t fully internalized yet.

      Pointers to literature or projects that use the concept would be very much appreciated.

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      I’m reading a lot of research papers and blog posts on fuzzing to try to learn more about the state of the art with regards to kernel and low-level library fuzzing. I’m especially interested in techniques that work without target binary instrumentation; is there any way to approximate coverage-guided fuzzing (or at least improve efficiency over naive fuzzing) without direct access to source code or in situations where compiling is prohibitively difficult (think the NT kernel on a running Windows system or XNU on real iPhone hardware)?

      I’m certainly a beginner in this particular subfield of computer science but I’d like to dive into it to do some of my own research. If anyone has any resources to point me towards, I’d be very appreciative!

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      Taking a break from my Java reverse engineering project (imagine IDA but not very good) to create a game, which is something I haven’t done in a long time. Currently trying to generate some OpenTTD inspired terrain and trying to render it with OpenGL.

      The goal at the moment is to be able to draw something like this screenshot from OpenTTD.