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    Modules have been rough. Just yesterday I was fighting with not being able to update a module. It seemed like the proxy couldn’t see that GitHub had newer code.

    I wish there was a way to revert back to legacy mode. But if you set GOPROXY=off, then you disable huge chunks of functionality, like the ability to download deps at all.

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      GOPROXY=direct should avoid the proxy but still keep modules enabled. https://golang.org/cmd/go/#hdr-Module_downloading_and_verification

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        Oh, neat! Thanks!

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        I’m going to guess what happened is that you tried to fetch the module before you pushed the code (or tag)? The proxy caches “not found” results for half an hour. There’s an issue for it, and they were a bit reluctant to change it (it was lowered to 30 mins).

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          I’m pretty sure I tried to fetch the module after it was updated. I could browse the updated code on GitHub just fine. But the go tool didn’t seem to notice that there was new code available.