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    This should be the link: https://nlnet.nl/project/Gitea/

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      In addition the title is very misleading; Gitea is funded to work towards joining the Fediverse, but it’s still a long way off. Funding is good, but let’s save the celebration for when the code works.

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        That NLNET grant is also old news to those watching the federated tool development “scene”. I hope it will be a reality in the near future, and I sure will be among its first users when it is, but right now it just isn’t, yet.

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      I wish there were lighter alternatives to the full-blown Mastodon server when you want to self-host a (small?) federated news channel… 🤔

      It’s good to see Gitea on the fediverse still, and the announce that they received a grant to work on the project makes it better. Well done.

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        There’s Pleroma, which seems much lighter and more intended for smaller deployments.

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          Even for pleroma you need a postgresql, I am expecting a rust with sqlite as db with api that’s compatible with pleroma.

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            I have just given up on trying to make it run again. Pleroma is an endless source of pain. It’s bloated as hell.

            An actual option would be more like https://humungus.tedunangst.com/r/honk

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            There’s also the more whimsical honk: https://honk.tedunangst.com/

            It’s written in Go, rather minimalist and lightweight.

            Frankly one barrier holding me back from trying it is they’re using Mercurial for version control, and I barely understand git so I’m not eager to half-learn some other system. I’ll probably get around to it eventually.

            EDIT: Given it has libsqlite3 as a dependency, I’m assuming it uses SQLite for its database.

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              @tedu literally just publishes tarballs; you don’t need to care about the SCM whatsoever.

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                Fair point, I was assuming I would want to hack on it at some point, but it should be perfectly usable without modifying the source yourself.

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                Mercurial is 100x more user friendly than git, don’t be afraid! For a long time I dreamt of an alternative timeline, where Mercurial won the lottery of history and DVCS is just a thing silently humming in the background, while so obviously intuitive people don’t really need to think about it in their day-to-day. But eventually I accepted the reality and grew to respect and appreciate the fickle tool that’s now standard instead, having learnt the contorted gestures required to hold it such that I don’t gain and more deep scars, and to keep my attention level always high enough and movement speed slow enough so as to usually avoid even the passive-aggressive light bruises and smacks it considers “expression of affection”.

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                  Off topic: when it comes to VCS dreams, I don’t want Mercurial to come back, I want Pijul to win.

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                    What are the perks with it that you prefer over other solutions?

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                      It makes collaboration and LTS branch maintenance considerably easier because any two patches that could be made independently can be applied independently in any order. Darcs had that many years ago, but never gained popularity due to its low performance. Pijul developers found a way to make that fast.

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                        Ohh, wow, it has the darcs thing?? I had no idea!

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                          Is this like hg graft?

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                      I’d like to see the end user usability study that concluded Mercurial was the nice round figure of exactly “100× more user friendly that Git” as a result.

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                        Ouch, sorry; I sincerely only meant this as a subjective opinion and a rhetoric device; obvious as it may sound to you, it honestly didn’t even occur to me that it could be taken as a solid number; only now that you wrote I see this possibility, so I now realize it would be better if I at least prefixed it with an “IMO” or an “I find it…”; sorry again; ehh, I find again and again that this whole language thing is such a fickle beast and lossy protocol when trying to express things in my head, never ceasing to surprise me.

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                      The nice thing about Mercurial is that there’s nothing to learn when you’re first getting started because it has a reasonable CLI UI. Don’t hesitate to try it.

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                      I wish there were lighter alternatives to the full-blown Mastodon server when you want to self-host a (small?) federated news channel

                      Same. I currently run Pleroma but compared to most other things I run it’s huge. I’ve been keeping a close eye on the https://github.com/superseriousbusiness/gotosocial project. It’s still in the early stage but they made an initial release last year and it looks promising.

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                        That’s a very interesting perspective, thanks.

                        Lately I find myself wishing somebody would combine the “how to get off Google” genre of blog post with a “why language X is awesome” genre to create a “how to self-host/federate a whole lot of software using language X and minimal libraries”. There’s significant operational and security value in minimizing package dependencies. If you happen to be using lots of Golang services on your server that would be a very interesting case study.

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                      Hopefully they’ll take a look at https://forgefed.peers.community

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                        The funding announcement specifically mentions that as part of their charter.