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    “Everybody must use it, because anything else is wrong”

    I’ve decided this will be my takeaway from this email. :) but actually that’s a pretty good point at the end, applicable to more than just ieee fp.

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      I actually had no idea Linus had worked on a Quake 3 port.

      EDIT: The dates don’t make sense. It can’t have been Quake 3.

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        Reusing a joke from last year’s Reddit thread: hur hur, he meant Quake 2 but was using -ffast-math

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          The Linux release of quake 3 came out in 1999, which fits the timeline…

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            Me neither. But thinking about it: it’s circa 2001 and you’re after a Linux expert, who are you going to call? :D

            I’m trying to come up with a good linux LKML and quake 3 crossover joke, but I’m worried I’ll get gibbed.