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    Not soon :) It’s already available in the latest nightly and it’s great. It’s a fully-featured uBlock Origin version. Everything you can do on the desktop version you can do on the Firefox Preview version too. Filters, rules, element picker, disable JavaScript, block web fonts and so on.

    You can download the nightly here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.mozilla.fenix.nightly and I wrote a review with screenshots here: https://markosaric.com/firefox-mobile/

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      It’s really unfortunate that Fenix is not available on f-droid.. The only way you can run it today is with all the google tracking crap in it.

      Seems kind of silly this post has the ‘privacy’ tag on it, given that fact.

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        I’d be surprised to find Google tracking. We have our own telemetry system, which is privacy preserving and there’s a way to opt-out.

        Care to clarify?

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            Ah yes. I thought you meant “behavioural tracking for advertising”, but having looked further into the code it seems with tracking you meant “counting installs”. https://github.com/mozilla-mobile/fenix/blob/64a4a7f422b692c77fdd7957b7b80357ff02b348/docs/metrics.md#activation

            I’m not very familiar with that codebase, but the only occurence of the google advertising id I can find is for it to be hashed and uploaded so that Mozilla can count the number of unique ids (modulo folks who regularly reset their advertising id)

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              Wait, you depend on proprietary google gms libraries in order to basically generate a uuid? That seems like overkill.

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                Looks like that’s the easiest way to count installations and give people the power to opt-out and reset identifiers. I’m not a mobile engineer, but probably better than using a hardware identifier?

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                  I’m still completely astonished by this. You’re saying that Mozilla chose to depend on proprietary components from the world’s largest ad company, a company well-known for tracking users, just to effectively generate a uuid? Am I the only one who thinks that’s absurd? And if I am, why is that not absurd?

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                    The app also depends on the operating system from that same large ad company. I understand you’d draw the line someplace else than we apparently have.

                    But as a non-android developer, I don’t have an informed opinion about pros and cons and whether there were any alternatives.

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                      No, to a certain extent.. AOSP is still a thing and there are distros that use it..

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          There’s an unofficial f-droid repo for it here.

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            That’s cool. Does Signal from this repository work with the official Signal servers?

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              I haven’t installed it yet but the “About” info mentions “the Signal servers” so presumably they’re the official ones.

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            Is it not apparent that the privacy tag is for uBlock?

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              You cannot have ‘privacy’ if the thing that ublock depends on is itself compromised.

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            I’m curious, what makes uBlock Origin better than any other ad blocker or even a pi-hole?

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              A pi-hole can only do hostname based filtering. A browser extension can also filter on URL paths, and also do “cosmetic filtering” on CSS selectors. This may let you block first-party ads and annoyances that you couldn’t block with a pi-hole. uBlock Origin is the most trusted ad blocking browser extension.

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              I highly recommend Privacy Browser (on Android): https://www.stoutner.com/privacy-browser/

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                  I use the free version and have never seen an ad, as to whether that is due to my use of Adaway or because it just doesn’t show ads I do not know. I have never seen an ad on this phone so it might be the former but in that case the solution is clear: use Adaway or a similar system-wide block list.

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                    I also haven’t noticed ads. I like this browser because by default it defaults to JavaScript off. Obviously that doesn’t work for a lot of sites but it does work for surprisingly a lot. Maybe because JavaScript is off I haven’t seen the ads?

                    Edit: I just realized why I don’t see ads, it’s because I installed it via F-Droid which apparently installs the standard version (no ads) and not the free version (ads)

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                      Ah, same here (F-Droid-version), that will be part of the explanation for the ‘lack’ of ads.