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      • Put the LEDs on the target tree
      • turn off lights, put camera from viewing point
      • run script that maps LEDs to 2D coordinates (turn on 1 LED, take photo, find brightest pixels average)
      • write code that turns on the lights depending on this coordinate list instead of their pixels order


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        It goes a bit further by also mapping them to 3D coordinates (by rotating the tree and fixing LED detection bugs when the LEDs are hidden behind branches at some angles).

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          Good point, didn’t actually watch it all. Thanks for part 2 😁

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      A few days ago Techmoan also posted a video of a X-mas tree with adressable led’s, but that was a commercial off-the-shelf solution, which used a phone-camera and app to control the leds. It did a 3d-scan in a matter of seconds, by toggling all leds at the same time, but with different colors. Must be quite a nice bit of tech/maths behind that to do it so quickly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYVMeyGEWes (the techmoan video)