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    I had no idea that Nextcloud and Collabora were so tightly linked.

    I used to work for Collabora and it was an absolute nightmare - for me, this is not a good association.

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      Nor did I. The necessary Collabora server is closed source it appears? (Every time I searched for code to download a different way, I instead got blurbs about “Enterprise Sales”…) If true, this is extremely timely information for me. Thank you for the comment

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        Why would I care as a user (I understand developer frustration). If Collabora works for the job in question, and there is no alternative, then its a good thing, no ?

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          No, it’s not a “good” thing.

          1. There’s always an alternative.
          2. There’s always an alternative.
          3. “Because there’s no better option,” is one of the the worst excuses in existence for settling
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            Link to alternative or go away.

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              My alternative to the choices you’ve given me is this: “No”.

              But if you would like to have a real discussion about alternative staffing and consulting agencies, or alternative self-hosted cloud services, you know where to find me.

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                Let me grasp this:

                I said there is Collabora and I didn’t find any other alternative, you said, there’s always an alternative 2 times then I said link please and you bailed. Serious?

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          In what way are they linked, other than through the optional Collabora app? Collabora Online Development Edition (currently at 4.0.4) is available as a Docker image here:


          The source can be found here:


          That source link already shows what the Collabora server really is: Libreoffice Online under a different name. Collabora describes it as CODE is a somewhat more conservative version – but still a development edition – of LibreOffice Online, and is built around the Collabora Office core. I guess this means it should be possible to use Libreoffice Online instead of the Collabora server, I have not tried this though.

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          I wish, at the end of articles such as this, I would see complete stuff scripted (ansible, docker, whatever).

          One of the great feature of next cloud is office collaboration where multiple people edits the documents (word, excel etc.) the same time. It would be great to see expansion of this article to cover it:


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            That’s good feedback, thank you. If I get 10 minutes, I’ll put it all together into a script.