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    This is an unreasonably entertaining document.

    From the section on various P9 forks:

    9front — (that’s us) (we rule (we’re the tunnel snakes))

    NIX — High performance cloud computing is NIX — imploded in a cloud of political acrimony and retarded bureaucratic infighting.

    NxM — A kernel for manycore systems — never spotted in the wild.

    Clive — A new operating system from Francisco J. Ballesteros, designed to generate grantwriting practice material and research projects for otherwise indolent students.


    And apparently their mascot is no longer Glenda, but a touhou?


    Ahahahahaha the language support page.

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        Jesus christ it’s like the cartesian product of OpenBSD devs, Goonswarm, and Plan9.

        I am in sheer awe.

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          I only wish I could run it as my main system, that’s probably out of the question for a buttload of reasons. If it runs fine in a VM, I will keep it around in a VM, just because.

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            My friend runs it on a Vultr VPS and uses drawterm for access. I tried this myself, but setting up the auth server is a pain.