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    Nice review, Kev. I’m currently running Pop!_OS 19.10 and have been trying out Ubuntu 20.04 in a VM. I also find the Ubuntu font jarring and difficult to look at. No idea know why that is, though!

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      Ah, nice to see that I’m not alone with my distaste for the Ubuntu font. :-)

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      Although Ubuntu 20.04 does seem to be RAM hungry. I’m currently using 4.2GB of my 8GB RAM and all I have open is Firefox with 5 tabs, file browser, Spotify and a terminal window. I also have Synology Drive, PIA VPN, Keybase and Sigal running in the background.

      Spotify, Keybase and Signal are all based on Electron. Including Firefox you are running four browsers simultaneously. Of course that amounts to some RAM.

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        Did you observe any screen testing, by the way? I just installed 20.04 on my intel laptop and I got very visible screen tearing. It went away after I changed the default DE to gnome wayland, but then I lost the new fractional scaling options and had to go back to either 100/200% scaling.

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          Do you know if 20.04 removed the tear free option?


          I’m using this in Xubuntu 19.10 without any issues but I have not upgraded yet.

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            I have two laptops with Intel video and TearFree is absolutely necessary in order to watch any video. I don’t know why it isn’t the default.

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              I tried using that but I got very nasty graphical corruption (eg unreadable text). :/

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              I can’t say I’ve noticed any screen tearing on my machine.