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      The worst thing is making no progress and either having people refer you to yourself or finding yourself stolen and republished thinking someone else solved it.

      But it’s been incredibly valuable keeping notes public and online

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      With regards to blogging….. I find I’m most prolific when I don’t care who reads what I’m writing, and I just write.

      When I try to blog for an audience, or with a goal in mind, I struggle and usually stop writing altogether.

      I tried to be a lifestyle blogger in the mid noughts. It came across as pretentious.

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      That was how I finally started my programming blog. I was struggling to find the root cause of an issue reported on one of my GitHub repos. Luckily I was able to remember something I had read and used it to understand why it was failing. Then I wrote a quick post about it. Since then I’ve only really created one other post about my struggles. Hope to be more active in noting down such posts from now on.

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        It takes a while, but keep going and after a few years you’ll actually build a following.

        Nothing more surreal and awesome than meeting fans IRL